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Fall 23 Sermon Series Fruit of the Spirit.jpg

The Fruit of the Spirit: The book of galatians

What is it like to follow Jesus Christ, not by our strength but by God's power? What kind of help from God can we look forward to on our spiritual journey? How do we deal with struggles with sin, belonging, self-doubt, past religious impressions that may or may not be true? How should we help others who are struggling spiritually? Beyond all this, what is our true identity as a child of God? This fall we will be exploring these and other real-life issues that challenge our faith with our series: The Fruit of the Spirit - The Book of Galatians.

Summer 23 Sermon Series The Last Days.jpg

The last days

God intends for you to understand His Word – including end-time prophecies.  Our summer sermon series is called “The Last Days”.  We’ll unpack some important things we need to understand from the Scriptures about the end times in chronological order.  What are the signs of the last days?  What do we need to know about the tribulation, Second Coming of Christ, and final judgements?  No better time than the present to fully trust the Scriptures and the God who inspired them.

May 23 Sermon Series Web.jpg

Joy and Contentment

What brings you joy? What makes you feel content?  Biblical contentment is an inward trust in the Lord and His goodness. It produces the fruit of joy and peace and thanksgiving in the life of a believer, regardless of outward circumstances. When we’re content we can take delight in the Lord and find rest for our souls.  When we’re content we can have the peace of God to guards our hearts and minds.  When we’re content we can draw upon the strength of God. Let’s learn the secret of contentment in our lives through Christ.

April Sermon Series 23.jpg

The Power of the Holy Spirit

What is the power behind our faith? How does the Lord help us when our strength is weak? Where can we find grace to live a victorious life? This month we will focus on the power of the Holy Spirit and his role in our lives. The Holy Spirit isn't a force, he is the third person of the Trinity. Join us this month as we discover how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit!

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