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The Footprints Of
The Early Church

April through July

What happened after Easter 2,000 ago? Answer: An amazing story about the early church, its leaders, successes and challenges. How well do you know that story? There are so many incredible things that happened in Acts, they cannot be covered in a month, so we will be going on this journey with Peter, Paul and the early church from April through July. Like any great story, there are surprises, twists and turns in the plot along with heroes and villains. What can we learn from them? You might be surprised that we share some of the same things.
Join us as we follow the footprints of the early church.

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Soups On!

Tuesday, May 11th


Chicken Noodle

Soup's On is a monthly ministry that provides a soup and bread meal to those in need. This event is held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 5:30-6:30pm. It's a great way for our church family to work together to serve our community. 


[Those who serve this ministry]

Ingredients due: May 2nd
Soup due: May 9th

Men's Ministry

June 18th

Dauberman Residence

Burgers, hot dogs, rolls and drinks will be provided.
Please bring something to share like a snack, a side dish
or a dessert.


Invite a friend or two to join.

(June 25 rain date)

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