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The Things We Say
August 8th - 29th

Do you choose your words wisely? Maybe you do, maybe not. If you were to ask the people in your life, how would they respond as to your communication? Why is this important? The bible tells us that our tongue has the power of life or death. That is a lot of power. This month we will be exploring ways that we can use our speech to either build up or tear people down. Truth be told, I think we can all do better in this area. We invite you to join us in August as we take a good look at our words and how we say them.

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Soups On!

Tuesday, August 10th

starts at 5:00pm

Serving: Chicken & Rice

Soup's On is a monthly ministry that provides a soup and bread meal to those in need. This event is held the 2nd Tuesday of every month starting at 5pm. It's a great way for our church family to work together to serve our community. 


[Those who serve this ministry]

Ingredients due: August 1st
Soup due: August 8th


Saturday, July 31st
11:00am - 7:00pm
35 New Joy Drive, Ephrata

Food Trucks


Open to the community, 
everyone is welcome!

*Free hotdog & chips

{School Supplies Giveaway}

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