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The Footsteps of the Early church

What happened after Easter 2,000 ago? Answer: An amazing story about the early church, its leaders, successes and challenges. How well do you know that story? There are so many incredible things that happened in Acts, they cannot be covered in a month, so we will be going on this journey with Peter, Paul and the early church from April through July. Like any great story, there are surprises, twists and turns in the plot along with heroes and villains. What can we learn from them? You might be surprised that we share some of the same things. Join us as we follow the footprints of the early church 


What makes you uncomfortable? Being around certain people? Tough decisions? What about those stressful conversations that you avoid? This March we will be looking at the uncomfortable journey Jesus took to the cross and how it affected the people around him, including his enemies. Sometimes being identified with Jesus can be anything but comfortable, but God is still present during those times. Join us this month as we travel with Jesus on the rugged road to the cross.


What comes to your mind when you think of authority? Lording it over someone else? Control? Manipulation? Discrimination? These are all very realistic possibilities - in a worst case scenario. But what about the idea of protection? What if the purpose of authority is all about protection? Would that make it easier to understand? Wherever our lives intersect with daily life we always encounter authority. This month we are looking at God's design/purpose with authority in three main areas: Government, Church and Family. We will be looking at God's original design and biblical limits in this often difficult and controversial area. Join us and allow God to speak to you on this important topic.


journey through Genesis

It has been said that most people understand only the history that was happening around their life time, when they first started paying attention to what was happening. What happened before is all but forgotten to many. As a result we have no context, only an incomplete perspective with very important pieces missing. For example: God's redemptive plan did not begin at Christmas; it had its origins in Genesis! How did we get to where we are right now? What are the stories and the people who played important roles in the Genesis? Where did the idea of marriage come from? How did evil and violence begin? What about the judgements of God? We will look at these and other things in our Genesis series 'Beginnings'. There are many things we can learn if we just go back to the beginning of the story. Join us a we begin 2021 with 'Beginnings'!