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It has been said that most people understand only the history that was happening around their life time, when they first started paying attention to what was happening. What happened before is all but forgotten to many. As a result we have no context, only an incomplete perspective with very important pieces missing. For example: God's redemptive plan did not begin at Christmas; it had its origins in Genesis! How did we get to where we are right now? What are the stories and the people who played important roles in the Genesis? Where did the idea of marriage come from? How did evil and violence begin? What about the judgements of God? We will look at these and other things in our Genesis series 'Beginnings'. There are many things we can learn if we just go back to the beginning of the story. Join us a we begin 2021 with 'Beginnings'! 


Join us this Month.....We've all heard the phrase that Jesus is the reason for the season. But what does that mean? What are those reasons? In December we will be looking at why Jesus came, the importance of the virgin birth, why the prophets spoke hundreds of years before the nativity, and the darkness Jesus came to defeat. We hope you will join us also for our Christmas Eve service. With all the hopelessness around us, the coming of Jesus at Christmas speaks much needed hope for us all.


How do you handle the things you wish you had never done? What about the things you wish you would have done but never got around to doing? This month's series is called "Redo or Undo?", and it speaks to those failures and regrets that weigh us down. There is also the positive direction to help you move beyond those issues because we serve the God of the second chance. Join us this month as we go from defeat to victory.


Listen to messages from visiting Pastors as well as special sermons on our Pastor's hearts. 



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