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the seven lamp stands

If Jesus would visit our churches in America, what would he see? What would he say to us? Back during the close of the first century, Jesus spoke to seven churches in Asia minor, modern day Turkey. He had something significant to say to each specific church. This summer we will be looking at his words to those churches from the book of Revelation. What can we learn from those messages today? Join us as we walk with Jesus among the "Seven Golden Lampstands!

Sermon distancing

“Sermon” distancing has always been something we’ve done regularly at New Joy.  We strive to give sermons at least “6 days” apart as we make every effort to build up the church. During the month of May we’re going to practice sermon distancing with some “stand alone” messages from God’s Word.  You will hear a sermon from all of the pastors including Karen Dunlevy who will be giving the Mother’s Day message this year. We would prefer to do these messages in person rather than online. We hope and pray we will be able to gather together again soon even during this time of sermon distancing.

A Time To Quit

 We all have negative tendencies, defaults, or sinful patterns that we know we need to stop doing.  When will we decide that enough is enough? It’s “time to quit” doing these things that don’t demonstrate our faith in Christ.      

Special Services / Messages

Listen to messages from visiting Pastors as well as special sermons on our Pastor's hearts.




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