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On Mission
with god

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his apostles specific mission he wanted them to accomplish. Today we call it the "Great Commission". It kept the early church focused and full of purpose. Today, very few Christians understand what it means and with the pandemic, it has become somewhat lost in all that has happened. Here at New Joy, we plan to rediscover this important mission Jesus gave to his church. What does it mean today to be "On mission with God"? We invite you to gather with us and rediscover God's unchanging purposes this January.

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More Than Another Holdiay

Do we view Christmas as just another holiday that we need to get ready for
each year?  Perhaps we think of all the decorating, gift wrapping, cookie baking, holiday parties, school concerts, etc.  As believers we know that Christmas is more than simply another holiday. However since Christmas is widely celebrated by our culture, which includes those who don’t follow Jesus, this holiday is often highly misunderstood. Christmas is much more than a day to give and receive gifts. The Spirit of Christmas is not limited to a day on the calendar. Christmas is meant to be an everyday experience.

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Knowing God's Will

What if you could without a doubt know God’s Will? His good, pleasing and perfect will for your life.  How we live out our faith might look very different from person to person.  However, what if we discovered that His Will or desire is the same for every believer.  In this series we will identify four verses that stand out from all other Bible verses because each distinctly identifies God’s Will.  These verses relate directly to our faith in Christ including our sexuality, attitudes and behaviors. In these verses God declares His Will for your life!   

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Biblical Characters

Everyone has a story. While each one is different, there are common themes - Challenging circumstances, setbacks and defeats, along with victories and lessons learned. This month we are looking at various bible characters to learn from their stories. The bible is the ultimate story book with real life people who walked with God and dealt with serious challenges and somehow prevailed. What can we learn from them? Our story is still being written. What if there are things we can discover from the past that can help us living in the 21st century.