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January-February 23 Sermon Series Web_edited.jpg

Focusing Our Faith: BIC Core Values

We live in a time where people like to customize their beliefs like someone ordering a sandwich at the drive through: "I like this, I don't want that." In recent surveys many who identify as Christians do not believe the bible is the word of God; others deny that Jesus is the only way to God. Some believe the bible teaches about Karma. Here at New Joy Church, we will start 2023 with a biblical foundation for what we believe, and it covers a wide range of areas of faith and practice. Do you have a solid basis for what you believe? Join us beginning in January for Brethren in Christ core Values! 

December 22 Sermon Series Web (2)_edited

Look To Jesus

The massive Christmas advertising campaign has already begun; Black Friday deals began in early November. People are decorating their houses earlier this year and the Christmas movies are going full speed ahead to get us ready for the holiday. We no longer wait for Thanksgiving; we just move right on to Christmas without slowing down. All of these things compete for our attention, and it is easy to miss the One for whom Christmas is named - Jesus Christ. This Advent season we will be turning our focus to what really matters - God became man to bring us back into a right relationship with our Creator. Join us as we "Look to Jesus"!  

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There seems to be an app for everything. We have apps for our mobile phones, appliances, computers in our car, hotel reservations - you name it! With the explosion in technology in the last 20 years, we need apps to know how something works properly. Applications are a vital part of everyday life. But what about our relationship with God? Is there an app for that? I'm not just talking about having a bible app (although those are great), but a way of applying God's truth to our life with the Lord Jesus? This month we will be looking at some important applications from scripture that will help us in our spiritual journey. Join us at New Joy as we explore "Applications". 

October 22 Sermon Series.jpg


We are often told we should pray; but how should we pray? What did Jesus teach about prayer and what things might actually hinder our prayers? If you feel frustrated in your 
prayer life or don't really have one, this series if for you. If you are more experienced in prayer, this series will help take you deeper in your communication with the Lord. Join us in 
October as we journey with God in prayer!

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