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There seems to be an app for everything. We have apps for our mobile phones, appliances, computers in our car, hotel reservations - you name it! With the explosion in technology in the last 20 years, we need apps to know how something works properly. Applications are a vital part of everyday life. But what about our relationship with God? Is there an app for that? I'm not just talking about having a bible app (although those are great), but a way of applying God's truth to our life with the Lord Jesus? This month we will be looking at some important applications from scripture that will help us in our spiritual journey. Join us at New Joy as we explore "Applications". 

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We are often told we should pray; but how should we pray? What did Jesus teach about prayer and what things might actually hinder our prayers? If you feel frustrated in your 
prayer life or don't really have one, this series if for you. If you are more experienced in prayer, this series will help take you deeper in your communication with the Lord. Join us in 
October as we journey with God in prayer!

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Back To It!

The expression “back to the grind” is usually something we don’t look forward to returning to (like work, school, etc.) unless it’s another cup of coffee…lol.  We take breaks in life because we have the need to “reset”.  Breaks, like summer vacation or getaways, help us refocus and be renewed in body, mind, and spirit. Yet those breaks eventually come to an end and we have to get “back to it” (whatever “it” is).  It doesn’t take long before we often settle back or default into our old ways of doing things. However, life doesn’t have to go back to feeling like a mundane or hectic routine.  Life can bring about joy and delight when we establish new routines and commitments that will reorient our lives around Christ.  In this sermon series we can get “back to it” and still look forward to it!

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nehemiah: rebuilding the boken walls

Most of us have experienced some type of significant loss or setback in life. Maybe the death of a close loved one, maybe a
broken marriage or the loss of a job, maybe the door closed on a dream that you have pursued and now it's gone. How do you recover? Where do you go from when you are back to square one and life still throws curve balls at you? There are seasons in life where we must somehow rebuild. Israel was banished from their homeland and had returned after 70 years in exile; but now they are surrounded by enemies. This summer we will tell their story and learn how God helps us to rebuild our lives after the hard times. Join us this summer as we journey with Nehemiah as he shows us how to rebuild our broken walls.